Benefits of Organic Agriculture
Organic farms endure harsh weather conditions better than conservative farms, sometimes acquiescent 70-90% more than conservative farms during droughts. The decreased cost of synthetic fertilizer and pesticide chemicals with the higher prices that customers pay for organic produce, supply to improved profits. Organic farms have been again and again found to be as or more gainful than conservative farms. Without the price premium, profitability is mixed. Now-a-days Organic Agriculture is widely used by farmers and government due to its safety and many more quality features. Such as
  • Extensive crop revolving as a necessity for a proficient use of on-site possessions.
  • Extremely strict limits on chemical synthetic pesticide and synthetic fertilizer use, domestic animals antibiotics, food additives and processing aids and other chemicals which can be harmful for crops.
  • Complete proscription of the use of genetically customized organisms.
  • Captivating advantage of on-site possessions, such as cattle compost for fertilizer or nourish produced on the farm.
  • Choosing plant and animal variety that are challenging to disease and made to order to limited circumstances.
  • Organic Farming helps for raising farm animals in free-range, open-air systems and providing them with organic feed.
  • Using animal husbandry practices appropriate to different cattle species.