Organic Farming is the traditional way of agriculture which includes techniques to cultivate healthy crops and make better ecosystem. Organic Agriculture or Organic Farming is a system of agriculture which relies on crop rotation, compost, green manure and biological pest control. Organic Agriculture is fastest growing technique which is widely used in rural and urban areas. Organic Agriculture is internationally observance and legally compulsory by several countries.
Organic agriculture is a good way to keeping up the health of soils, it creates and manage ecosystem and it is very functional for farmers. Organic Agriculture is combined with tradition, innovation and science to assistance the environment and endorses fair associations and a high-quality superiority of life for all concerned.As organic farming becomes a chief profitable strength in agriculture, it is probable to boost growing impact on national agricultural policies and tackle some of the scaling challenges faced by conservative agriculture. Organic Agriculture is traditional cum latest agricultural technique which provides a safe and secure farming. It has Very firm restrictions on using of chemical synthetic pesticide and synthetic fertilizers, farm animals antibiotics, food additives and processing aids and other chemicals or sprays because these chemicals can be harmful for crops and for the farmers & people.