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Odisha's economy has been classified as agricultural, industrial and service based

Odisha is located on the east coast of Indian Republic. It is the ninth largest state of Indian Republic. It is located between the parallels of 17.49'N and 22.34'N latitudes and meridians of 81.27'E and 87.29'E longitudes. It is bounded by the Bay of Bengal on the east; Madhya Pradesh on the west and Andhra Pradesh on the south. It has a coast line of about 450 kms. It extends over an area of 155,707 square km accounting about 4.87 of the total area of India. There are four groups of rivers which flow through Orissa into the Bay of Bengal. They are:

  • Rivers that have a source outside the State (The Subarnarekha, The Brahmani & The Mahanadi).
  • Rivers having a source inside the State (The Budhabalanga, The Baitarini, The Salandi & The Rushikulya).
  • Rivers having a source inside the Orissa, but flow through other states (The Bahudu, The Vansadhara & The Nagavali).
  • Rivers having a source inside Orissa, but tributary to rivers which flow through other states (The Machkund, The Sileru, The Kolab & The Indravati).

The standard of living in the state has been below the national average Read more

Project : RKVY (VIUC)
Location : Odisha
Districts Covered : 2
Cluster Covered : 10
Farmers Registered : 632
Area Covered (ha) : 500
Project : NHM
Location : Odisha
Districts Covered : 3
Cluster Covered : 35
Farmers Registered : 1322
Area Covered (ha) : 1750
Odisha -Towards Sustainable Agriculture
Our motive behind organic farming is to make farming sustainable in the state where people have small land holdings